Please navigate to our “Applications” page and choose the corresponding application that you are searching for.  

 The PDF file has to be printed, filled out manually and either scanned and emailed to us, mailed through the USPS, or dropped off to the Engineer’s Office, at your convenience.

Once your application is received, the Engineer will review and approve your permit.  You will be contacted once this process has been finalized

Please navigate to our “Applications” page, and locate the “New Rural Address” application.  Complete the application  and return to us via email, USPS mail, or by dropping off the application to the Engineer’s Office (1823 Oakwood Avenue).

Upon receiving the completed application, our Mapping Department Representative (Dan Jenkins) will review the application.  Once this process has been finalized, Dan will communicate with you, informing you of your new address. 

When completing the application, please make sure all contact information is correct and up-to-date

If you have specific questions about the application, please contact Dan Jenkins directly.  Phone: 419-592-6375; email:

Please contact the Henry County South Joint Ambulance District to obtain a new address sign……625 E. Edgerton Street Hamler, OH 43524; Phone (419-274-2055); Email (

HCSJAD New Address Form

The Engineer’s Office can only survey property that is owned by the County.  If you would like your personal property surveyed, you will need to hire a Surveyor, at your own cost.  Please click the link below to see a list of Surveyors we currently have on record.

Current List of Surveyors

Please note: If you are only seeking a general knowledge of where your property boundaries are, navigate to our GIS page.  You can view a map of your property’s boundaries by choosing the “Parcel Map” option.  Search (top, left-hand corner) using your property address, or parcel number (located on your yearly property tax documents).  However, if you need these boundaries physically marked, we highly recommend hiring a professional Surveyor to do so. 

Please contact your township’s Zoning Inspector to receive a zoning permit (if required). 

Please contact Wood County Building Inspection for information regarding the required building inspections/permits for your specific project.

Address: One Courthouse Square (3rd Floor of Office Building) Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone (419-354-9190) Toll Free 866-860-4140


Please mail (1823 Oakwood Avenue Napoleon, OH 43545), email (, or fax (419-592-5508) the legal deed to our office.

Once received, the legal description will be reviewed, approved and confirmation will be sent to you.  If you have specific questions about this process, please contact our Mapping Department: Phone (419-592-6375); Email (

Please contact the Engineer’s Office (Phone: 419-592-2976; Email: to request any document that is not currently on our website.