The Henry County Engineer’s Office is excited to announce the construction of a new  bridge linking Industrial Drive, at Riverview Avenue, to State Route 110. 

With an expected completion date of 2022, the new bridge will provide closer river crossing to Henry County’s only hospital, reduce truck traffic congestion in downtown Napoleon, and increase the longevity of current infrastructure utilized by truck routes. 

The newly constructed bridge will also link two separate areas into one large industrial region. The Campbell Soup Plant will have access to highway and rail infrastructure, and nearly 44% of Henry County workers, who’s jobs are located within 1 mile of the new bridge, will have a more efficient route to work.

Please comment on the proposed changes to the Miami, Wabash & Eric Canal Trail, as well as Vorwerk Park, due to the New River Bridge Project.  You are welcome to call, email, or stop by and give us your thoughts!  Check out our Informational Flyer for more details.